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How to Set Featured Image Automatically in WordPress Post

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How to Set Featured Image Automatically in WordPress Post

Featured image is now become must do thing for every modern WordPress theme. Many people set featured image manually every time but if you don’t want to waste time for this then, Auto Post Thumbnail WordPress Plugin will take care of this boredom. It will make your WordPress automatic to select first image of post as featured image.

Auto Post Thumbnail WordPress Plugin Download

First you have to install the plugin and activate, Then you don’t have to do any thing. This plugin will take care of your featured images and thumbnails.

This plugin automatically create thumbnails of first image of post or any custom post. If the first image don’t work then it will go for next and son on.

If the post thumbnail is already present, the plugin will do nothing. If you don’t want a post thumbnail for some post with images, just add a custom field skip_post_thumb to the post and the plugin will restrain itself from generating post thumbnail. The plugin also provides a Batch Processing capability to generate post thumbnails for already published posts. A new menu item Gen. Post Thumbnails will get added under Tools menu after this plugin is installed.

Hope this article will help for how to add featured image automatically in WordPress post.

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