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No Sixth Sense, It’s just Common Sense

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No Sixth Sense, It’s just Common Sense

we quite often get exited with the term ‘Sixth Sense’. The word is typical in terms of curiosity.

Recently I read an article that scientists have ruled out the existence of a ‘sixth sense‘.
Well sixth sense whether exists or not is a long time debate topic. As the topic is highly dealt with the researchers we leave it for them only.

You may think then why I had used this title…. The reason is simple….
By the time I was reading the article I remembered many new bloggers or the bloggers who have not succeeded well in this glorious blogging profession just leave it making an excuse that the legendary bloggers have sixth sense ( I call it so called sixth sense ) hence they have a great success story.

Many newbies who often contacts me always tells me that ‘X’ blogger has done this ‘Y’ blogger has done that they are great. They can predict more efficiently. They have an ability to see, hear, or become aware of something before any other does. They have some super natural powers and BLA BLA BLA.

Reading this some times makes me laugh but at the same time it force me to think does the sixth sense really exists. As already said the topic is a subject of debate, I will not dig it further.

The only thing I want to share with you is that there is no such thing like sixth sense, it’s just common sense at least in terms of blogging field.

On this domain, I want to discuss every aspect of blogging I have experienced since I was a newbie till now.
In my early days I was also gone through a similar mindset as of this. But with the advent of time and gaining knowledge from my experiences and mistakes now I can comfortably comment here that the extraordinary guys in this blogging world are very much similar to you and me.

The main difference is you think they have sixth sense and actually they are using their common sense.
Ha… Ha… Ha…,
The main reason behind their success is they write on the subjects that touches heart. They use common sense and wisely convert the things happening around them into a blog post.

If you analysis their blog posts you will come to know that they are not writing different thing. The only difference is they write it differently. In short they just CASH OUT what is happening in their surrounding.

From early days till now I am not a good writer, I admit. Many a times I stuck to ‘How to write’, but one thing is quite sure with me that I always know ‘What to write’. Perhaps ( bit sure ) this is the only reason for my success in blogging.

You may observe that I write few articles on this blog. I spend much of my time in observing my surrounding and choose the basic things which you know but are afraid or not willing to implement in your work.

To make your work more spicy write common things happening in your surrounding in an interesting way. Try to write in depth articles of at least 1000 words. As such lengthy articles are well respected in SERPS. Needless to say don’t make it boring, make every word more exiting.

My mantra in blogging is be simple and stay simple rest of the things will bound to happen automatically with due course of time.

What’s your take on this? Express it through the comments below

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