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My Basic Questions and Fear of How to become a Successful Blogger

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Basic Questions and Fear of How to become a Successful Blogger

The basic questions of every beginner

1. How to create website without knowledge.
2. What education require.
3. What to do when I dont have knowledge of coding.
4. How much money require.
5 Do I need to hire a developer.
6. Who can become a blogger.

There are tons of questions in every beginner have. I too had all this questions in beginning. In this article I am going to describe myself, my starting to bloging and experience of wasting money.

Hi myself, Kunal Baviskar and this is my first post on how to become a successful blogger. I am blogging since last 4 years, I have experienced many good things and bad things and here I am going to unfold that all what I had learned and gain in this world of .Com.

I know very well, you must be thinking that starting a blog is very difficult and confusing, but mark my words its very easy and as simple as you surf on Facebook, Google or as we use WhatsApp. When I started blogging, it was completely new and unseen world for me. Every day I search on Google for how to start blogging??? how to start website??? How to create money making site??? But whatever I get was very high and technical skills and it was very complicated and hard to follow.

When I started my first website, some 6 years ago, one of my blogger friend Minesh Rai (founder of told me about his website and blog. After listening all his blaaa blaaa a,b,c,d……z I told him that I need your help to build my blog but as expected he give me that bull ….. of coding, daily updating, how I ill manage, I don’t know about computer… I just left him and….

After that I reached to my another friend Chetan Maniyar who had just passed his computer engineering and working in some IT company. Again I told him to help and he agreed. He buy one domain and hosting for me. He create my first website and I started working on it. But because of my lack of knowledge and support from him, I failed and shut it down.

After some time I shifted to another city for my work. Fortunately, once again I found one web developing company called G3 Soft. I told them the whole story about website and what actually I am looking for. Company give me the estimate of around $2100 to create my website. After paying we restart again the same blog. But again the same story of support and advance features, changes. I was completely lost in it and now I had two choices left, one is to skip to become a blogger or learn from basic and do it my own.

I started searching on Google and after spending, sorry Wasting too much money  I found the best platform of blogging

Now after all this I’ve built and managing more than 15 different blogs and, and during that time I learned tons about blogging.

There is only thing I can say, blogging is very easy and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. In fact I would say that whole process is like automated. Whatever you need is available on ONE single click, you just have to follow some simple steps. Here is one of my crazy and amazing blog site which I had created in just less than 30 min. So whatever your age is, may be 18 or may be 75, you don’t have to pay too much of money to any developer, you can start your own blog yourself.

I wrote my journey to blogging just for all those who really don’t know what to do and what really need or not. In my opinion WordPress (Open and Free Source) is one stop solution if you want to build your any website or blog.

So start your blog on WordPress and stay amazed with internet world.

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