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How to get Content Ideas to Write An Article on your Blog

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How to get Content Ideas to Write An Article on your Blog

As we have talked before that there are so many opportunities to make money online but they all need hard work and consistency. If you are a blogger and want to succeed in blogging then you have to keep writing new, fresh and unique content on your blog.

You have to keep your readers engage with your blog, when ever they visit your blog they must get something interesting and fruitful and for that you have to keep writing about what exactly your readers need.

Most of blogger don’t get idea to what should we write, what should be the next article although they are ready to work hard and have writing interest but these questions really make them uneasy.

So today i am going to talk on how to get content idea to write an article on your blog.

Let see the ideas

1. Scanning Other Popular Blogs From Same Niche

Browsing popular blogs from same niche is very helpful way to get content idea. Just go to Google and search popular blogs of your niche. Make a list of those blogs and keep browsing them time to time. You will get latest and hot trends of your niche.

But before taking content ideas form those blog make sure that don’t copy or spun them. Browse blogs just for reference and write your own article with unique content.

For example – QuickSprout, BloggingCage, WPOutlookShoutMeLoud, Backlinko these are some of blog i visit on regular basis.

2. Browse Forums of Your Blog Niche

Forums are like high speed bullet trains were you will get most trendy and hot topics with tons of questions and answers. Firstly you need to find popular forums of your blog niche and make list of it.

Forum is the place where people discuses on every micro point of particular niche. So you have to give time to browse the forum. Search the threads which get tons of views and comments, chances are very high that you will definitely get ideas of current trending topic in your niche.

3. Browse Question and Answer Websites

Question and answer sites are like pool of peoples need. Sites like Yahoo Answer, Quora are loaded with tons of real questions of what people are searching.

There are millions of questions on these site in every niche and you have to search what people are hungry for. You will get tons of ideas everyday for your next post.

For example – Mostly I search on Quora about blogging and blogging question and write answer on the blog.

4. One Stop Solution – Article Directories

Article directory is one stop solution for latest content ideas. Article directory is place where bloggers submit their article to promote their blog. Its a place which update every minute.

Best part of article directories is, they cover almost every category and niche. So its easiest solution to search what bloggers are writing today in your niche.

Simply we can say its a daily news paper of every niche and you just need to search what experts talking today.

5. Listing of Most Asked Questions and Problems.

Making list of most asked questions and problem is master key to come out from how to find content. As we discuses question and answer site are very helpful to find content idea, hence you can make the list of common questions and problem from there and write articles regularly.

You can also make list of frequently ask questions from your visitors or fans. Even I do the same practice to avoid lacking of content.

6. Keep Sharp Eye on Blog Comments

In my sense “Blogs Comment Section is Like a School Book from which I Learn”.

Comment is reaction of what people think on out post, so you have to keep sharp eye on this section. When ever people comment their view on your any article, give them satisfying answer. You will get idea what people exactly looking for.

Also have an eye on other popular blogs (your niche) comment section and analyse what kind of questions, problems people asking, which solution people need. This is the key to find content idea quickly.

7. Reading Books of Your Blog Niche

If you are a good book reader then you will never feel lacking of content idea. You can read books on your blog topic and collect new content ideas from is.

No doubt books are best friends and solitaire knowledge hub too. So go back and read again your old books or buy some new books on same topic, it will refresh your mind again.

Along with the reading don’t forget to make a list of content ideas.

8. Interviews of Experts in Same Topic

Experts reviews always fruitful to new comers. It work as guardian for us. So make a list of experts and popular bloggers in your niche and search their interviews, expert comments, guide or tutorials.

It will definitely help for what expert doing and what you should do.

In my case I do browse interviews, videos and opinions of Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, Derek Halpern and Amit Agarwal.

9. Browsing Magazines and Newspapers.

Magazines and newspapers are reflectors of current trend so try to browse magazines of your topic for new ideas. You can browse daily news papers for what going around the world and what people talking about with your topic.

For Example – If your blogger in auto industry then you can read auto magazines like Autocar, Overdrive, TopGear.

10. Inspiration From Your Surrounding and Experience

Many people ask me that how successful blogger get unique and fresh content to write articles or they have some super natural brain of ideas but fact is they just post articles on what happening in there surrounding.

I know what you are thinking but before ignoring this point you can browse the sites like SocialTriggers, QuickSprout.

They just post articles on theme of there days to day life , experience, and every thing what going around.

Last week I was just browsing on net and found the article on Sixth Sense which made me realize that this is exact people thinks about blogging.

I raise that point and wrote an article on it.

People also love to read the personal experience and real stories so try to add it in articles, It built trust.

Final Words – I hope these are some of the ways that will definitely help you to find content ideas to write post in your blog. Before leaving I must say that don’t write what others are writing just concentrate on what you feel, what you learned and what your heart says because  “Ideas are No One’s Monopoly”

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