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How to Add Watermark Automatically to Images in WordPress

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How to Add Watermark Automatically to Images in WordPress

Easy Watermark WordPress Plugin

Watermarking images is the new and one of the best idea to improve Traffic, Branding of website or business. Many people email us that how we watermark our every image of our entertaining crazy blog and Facebook page Ghanta Engineering and Rocklej.

Watermarking to every image manually is very time consuming and heavy work. In this this article we are going to revealed our secret of how to watermark bulk images, photos automatically in WordPress.

Easy Watermark WordPress Plugin is very simple, free and mind blowing plugin for watermarking images in bulk. First install the plugin and activate it. Now go to the setting and set up your watermark.


First tick on Add watermark when uploading images. Now plugin is in auto mode. Now you can choose your watermark style like Image Watermark, Text Watermark or Image+Text Watermark.


Then Choose your desire place were you want to put watermark on image. If your using text watermark then set title and set up size, font, colour.

Adding Watermark to Old Images

To add watermark on the old images, you need to go to Media » Easy Watermark click on Add watermark to all images button.

Important: Please note that this process is irreversible. We strongly urge you to backup your WordPress site particularly your media uploads directory.


Adding Watermark to Images Manually

If you don’t want to add watermark on all images then you can go by manual proses.

First you need to go to Settings » Easy Watermark and make sure that the check box next to Automatically add watermark to images is unchecked.

After that you can go to Media » Library and add watermark to individual images by clicking on the add watermark link next to them.


Hope this article will help you to add watermark on images in WordPress. Now go and download plugin and start doing branding.

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