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4 Tips to Build a Successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss

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4 Tips to build a successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss

I am blogging since 4 years now and have learned tons of good as well as not so good (or simply call it ‘bad’) things.
During this period I have tried and tested many things and made tons of mistakes which taught me a lot.
Above all one important lesson I learn is that “Do a mistake every day but don’t repeat the previous ones in future“.
To create a successful blog learn new techniques from the mistakes you have done. This will help you making your blog more creative, effective and professional.
In this article I will not talk about how to increase traffic to your blog or will not talk about how to leverage your social networks, I will just concentrate simply on what basic things that are necessary to create a successful blog.
Following four things you should always keep in mind:

1. Simplicity

4 Tips to build a successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss - Simplicity is Ultimate Beauty

Every blogger new or old should always give a huge preference to simplicity of blog (I know many will disagree with me but let me explain…).
First of all I want to explain what is simplicity, means every blog especially startups should concentrate on simple blog theme with minimum codes.
You can create your blog on WordPress, Drupal, TypePad, Movable Type and many more. My favorite is WordPress as it is much secure, easy to setup, a very search engine friendly software (Google Loves It….) and last but not the least a very helpful community which provides tons of information and help.
For starters I will suggest not to go anywhere and just create you blog on WordPress Twenty Thirteen or Twenty Fourteen theme, as they are basic light weight responsive theme which loads fast.
Avoid installing any additional Plugins. It is not new to any one that Google and other search engines are now taking page loading time seriously in there search ranking algorithm. By adding many plugins (I call it unnecessary plugins) will drastically reduce website loading speed.
Also add social plugins AND OTHER PLUGINS in sidebar only if and only if it is extremely necessary, other wise its not advisable at initial stages.
In the early days of blogging carrier where you may not have lots of followers on social networks or not a known person in blogsphere or not have a big size email list. At this time just concentrate on your blog loading speed time.
You can check your page speed and other stats here at GTmetrix.
To optimize load time you can install my favorite W3 Total Cache and see the magic (keep in mind to configure it properly).
At this stage don’t waste time in trying to convince others to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter as no one will take you seriously to like page or follow you who’s blog has some handful of posts with a few weeks or months old blog.

2. Content

4 Tips to build a successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss - content is king
Another most important aspect of successful blogging which should not be overlooked at any cost is the uniqueness or originality of content. At this time just concentrate on your blog content (I mean to say quality content).
There is no place for low or less quality content especially content that is not unique i.e. copy-pasted from some other blogs or websites.
Google keeps close eyes and keeps second by second updates about the same and if any such blog found guilty it is penalized instantly.
Run behind Quality and not the Quantity.
There goes a saying since long “Content is the King“, I call it Emperor as other things can be more or less if compromised this aspect of blogging should never be compromised.
In case to cite your article you can copy a part or full article from other sites but for this you have to give proper attribution / credit to that authority website.
Try to become authority in the space. After writing the article check your article through Copyscape and try to keep it 100 percent original.

3. SEO

4 Tips to build a successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss SEO - Root of Blogging
The next big thing is content curation with search engine optimization popularly known as SEO.
Many of us many times has a question (even the probloggers has) What is SEO? Actually we can not define SEO in one word or sentence. But to get clarity you can see SEO (Wikipedia).
Basically SEO is nothing but creating content for real readers thereby keeping search engines happy. “Search Engines follow people” hence write for people not for search engines.
While creating content knowingly or unknowingly we make tons of SEO mistakes. To overcome this you can install famous plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin take care of all your SEO needs.

4. Promotion and Advertisement

4 Tips to build a successful Blog – You can’t afford to miss Promotion and Advertisement
After publishing the article on your blog try to promote as much as possible on your social networks.
Don’t keep total dependency on Google or any other search engine as they are constantly updating themselves to make them more better. But there attempt sometime show tough (some time very tough times) to your blog. You may see some time or other spikes or steep or gradual fall in traffic.
Hence dependence on other sources is a requirement of time. Try to leverage every aspect of social media to promote your blog and contents.
Always keep in mind “that which is seen is sold” means to sell any thing to anyone from your website or to promote your blog, you will have to do some paid Advertisement – YES Paid Advertisement.
Beside Google Adwords there are many other means of advertisement including but not restricted to Facebook Ads and StumbleUpon Ads. Both these channels are my favorite and definitely give much better results if done correctly and on consistent basic.
Though initially it will be tough for many of you to make expenses over advisement, but to gain fast and meaningful share of business – You have to do it – earlier the better.
One thing Don’t promote incomplete blogs or with less content. Before starting ad campaign your blog must have atleast 10-15 quality articles with complete About Us, Contact Us and other necessary pages. You can promote best and evergreen articles on your blog through these ad campaigns.
Following these tips will surely help you to gain success over the period of time.
What other things you have done to get success in blogging, share with us in comments.

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  1. Great information it really help me dude. It had boost me up again to do blogging again.

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