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13 Ways to make Money Online without Rocket Science

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13 Ways to make Money Online without Rocket Science

How to make money online???

I know i have chosen very old topic today to discuss. There are tons of post and blogs on internet about it. Every one is talking like super natural genius but still you are here it means they all are just doing Bla Bla Bla…. and you are still searching the best ideas to make online money.

I  am not saying that those big blogger are just writing some fake or false things but i feel that still there is something missing which is not making money for you.

I know you are searching for some easy things to do, something which is very simple to understand and most important is not so boring like rocket science.

I am not going to tell you to start making, themes, plugins, e-tuitions or webinars, coding. These are technical skills work and tough for beginners. I am going to talk only on easy and crazy ways which does not require super natural skills and knowledge even a beginner can start making money from it..

When i started blogging, i too had these questions, confusions and this all things made my mind to write an article on easy ways to make money online without any rocket science.

Making online money is not so easy task but if you work hard constantly then the world will be yours.
There are so many ways to make money online. Lets see those options.

1 Blogging Mania

Blogging is one of the famous and easy way to make online money. If your passionate about writing then blogging is very easy to start. Simply choose the topic on which you can always write new, fresh and unique content. This will generate your own followers and you can earn money by advertisement.

2. Google Adsense Program

Google adsense is very simple and good source to make online money. Almost on every blog or website you will get google ads. To apply to adsense program first you have to built a blog loaded with fresh and unique content. Google only accept minimum 6 months age site to place ads. Ones your done with this just apply Google adsense program, complete the formalities and start earning money from your sites visitors clicks.

Google adsense is highest payer in adsense program market. Google is very strict with there rules and policy. They do not place ads on website which is having content like adult contents, online lottery, drugs. So before applying the program, must read all terms and policies. This will definitely help you to understand more.

Once you get approve by google adsense program, you just have to choose the ads size, design, color and place the ads code in to your site. Google will automatically place ads relevant with your site niche.

3. Paid Articles

This option is very popular in blogging sites. Getting paid ads is not so easy because the advertiser who is going to pay you, will check so many things of your site like your site Page Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Alexa Ranking and many more things which shows your sites weightage and credibility.

Once your blog start getting handsome fan followers, google search weightage you will definitely start getting mails for paid articles.

My friend Minesh Rai who started blog on technology and social media – about some four years ago. He had worked very hard on that blog. Minesh always write unique and fresh content on mirolta. After about 1 year he started getting paid articles and he was earning about $500 to $700 every month.
But for now as per mirolta stats and earning i will only say you have to be consistent and updated at blogging.

4. Create eCommerce Portal and Start Selling Products

eCommerce is today’s biggest booming industry all over the world. Smart phones trend is the real boon for eCommerce websites. So why to stay back if your working in any productive industry then start selling your product online.

In today’s competitive and non monopoly market every one want to have online presence then why not to go with shopping cart.

To sell products online create eCommerce website or we can say ecart portal. Creating ecommerce site is not so difficult task. I preferred to start with WordPress because its very easy to work and handle. Just choose the best, responsive and powerful cart theme and start selling to world.

Other than WordPress i will suggest Opencart to start. Opencart is open source shopping cart solution for online market place. Opencart loaded with all premium features which need to any niche market place.

If your not so good at design part then there are so many responsive, powerful and elegant opencart themes available for any category product.

4 Create Mobile App to Sell Product

The number of smart phone user are getting more higher every day. I guess very soon smart phone will be declared as basic need of human.

Mobile app is one of best thing to sell product. Today every one is creating there presence on mobile platforms like android, iOS, windows.

Websites like Amazon, eBay are spending more money on promoting mobile app rather than website. Even shopping site like Myntra has close there website and shifted to app platform to sell product.

It shows smart phone fever is getting more high day by day, so why not to grab this opportunity to make money???

5 Sell your Products on Market Place Portal.

Creating own eCommerce website or app may be not possible to everyone. There are so many things that are not possible to manage for beginners, like creating site, managing and maintenance of site, advertising promotions and many more technical problems.

Then online market places are good option to start quick. There are so many market place sites on internet of every category. First you have to choose the better sites related to your product.

For example. If your a trader or manufactures of clothing’s then just select the popular marketplace like Amazon, eBay. Apply there seller option, complete the formalities of documents of your company and you are ready to sell your product on those sites.

Selling product on market place is very easy, you just have to upload product pictures and details and your product will get featured on website. You have to follow some policy and teams of market place sites.  They charge some amount or percentage on sell for publishing your product and as commission.

But definitely it gives good business and sells end of the day.

6 Buying and Selling Domains

Finding a premium or keyword domain is very tough job. People are hungry for small, premium, easy, keyword and brandable domains.

Most of the people don’t know that how to find perfect brandable or keyword domain but if your good at search and have lots of time with patience then this is a golden opportunity business for you.

Here are some examples of most expensive domains sold ever. $35.6 million $35 million $30.18 million $18 million $17 million $16 million $11 million

I guess this list in enough to tell you that buying and selling domains business is also a online million dollar making business opportunity.

7 Sell Your Online Micro Jobs

Selling online micro job is new trend to internet now days. Websites like Fiverr, Guru, MyCheapJobs  are fast growing micro job market place.

People you have some skills in graphics, designs, flyers creativity, online marketing and social media marketing skills or any small jobs like these then you can sell them on this sites to earn money.

Generally people charge minimum $5 to $50 for one job. You can add more gigs to earn more money with same jobs.

Even creating micro job market place site is also very easy. You can start with my favorite wordpress and micro job market place wordpress theme.

8 Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the smart way to make fast online money. In simple way it call referral commission money making Business.

If your a good writer then affiliate program is best idea to start with. Affiliate marketing is core business of most of blogger and review writers. They just write a review on product and put there affiliate link in article.

When ever any visitor go through his link and purchase any product from that site, the blogger received some amount as commission.

For example – I have posted so many review on wordpress themes on this blogs when ever you go to that theme page or demo page and purchase any theme, then i will receive some amount from that theme developer site.

To start making affiliate money first you have to sign up to affiliate program of vendors site. There you will get your affiliate link which you can use any where like on your blog, mail or on social site.

9 Coupons and Deals Destination

As we discuss in last point, no doubt affiliate marketing is best money making opportunity.

Some time people ask me about blogging, they don’t find words to write on any topic even the topic is there passion. Every finger of hand is not similar as other, so its possible that you may not be so good on writing and blogging.

But don’t worry i have option for you also. Providing latest coupons and deals to visitors is high revenue building opportunity. In coupon industry you don’t have to write such big articles like review rating to earn affiliate commission.

All you need is to do search best latest deals and coupons and post them with unique and catchy title.

As we all now eCommerce is booming industry now. People always hunt for discount and deals before purchasing any thing. This create websites like RetailMeNot, CouponDunia and now they have become big bull in coupons and deals industry.

You too can start this money making business of coupons and deals. I will suggest to start with responsive coupons and deals WordPress theme.

10 YouTube Chanel

As we all know YouTube is daddy of video social networking sites where people upload there videos for free and share there talent with world.

If you are an artist and love creativity then youtube is place for you. YouTube gives facility to add your adsense ads on your channel.

How to Make Money from YouTube

1. Google Ads

YouTube allow you to add google ads on your videos. You can add adsense code on channel so when ever your video played by any visitor he will see google video add and if he clicks on ad, you will be paid for it. But remember YouTube allow only Google adsense program for ads.

2. Paid videos

Paid video is the next level smart advertising format. If you have tons of subscribers on your channel then definitely you will receive paid video proposal.

Meet Evan – 8 Year old boy who make 1.3 Million in One Year by Posting Toys Review Video on YouTube.

make Money Online without Rocket Science - youtube evanhd

Evan is 8 year old boy who is making tons of money from his YouTube. Last year he had made $1.3 from his videos. Evan create video of latest toys review and upload it on his YouTube channel.

I think this boy may inspire you to make money from YouTube. So go on and start videoing.

11 Selling Photos

If you love photography and have passion with skill then this is high profitable business for you. People are hungry for stock photos and is proven by biggest success of Shutterstock

Most of people on internet selling photos of nature, places, animals, geographical, wild life, art, business. Photography stock photos is become most popular for second income source and the good part is selling photos is also very easy and fast.

Websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia are better places to sell your photos. They also offers intensives to people to earn money from photos.

Recently i found one quality free stock photos site You too can make site like this, build your own fans community and start earning with advertisements or adsense.

12 Money from Facebook Fan Page

The king of social network Facebook is also a money making egg.

Most of the students and youngsters developed there own face page and grow that community to millions. Building millions of fan page for free on facebook is not so easy. It require lots hard work with dedication but once you succeed to developed it, you can make smart money from it.

1 Post Links of Your Own Blog

You can use your facebook fan page to divert traffic to your blog. I have fb page with with 71000+ followers and i generally post 1 or 2 links of my blog everyday on page to divert traffic to my blog. It works as a booster for my adsense earning every time.

2 Affiliate Links

Most of page owners post affiliate links in there facebook community. But before posting any affiliate link do consider the topic, fans age, gender.

For example – I had developed one fan page on Engineering. 95% of fans on this page are male and all are in age of 22 to 30. So most of time i post engineering, computer, mobile, accessories, male clothing products affiliate link, it gives handsome sell every time.

So definitely it isxz c good money making opportunity.

3 Paid Articles Links

Usually if you have 50k+ active facebook page you will start getting paid article links request. On my Rocklej fan page i received many request everyday for link posting of blogs. Most of time this request are from viral content sharing sites and they offer me $8 to &15 for posting one link of there site on page.

But don’t share more that 2 or 3 links in one day because people don’t like to much links, they get irritate and very soon your page talking about will go down.

4 Direct Product Selling

Most of people use Facebook pages to sell product direct to customers. If your not able to start your own eCommerce site  then you can start selling your product direct to your facebook page followers.

Most of people upload pictures of there own product like watches, t-shirts, bags, wallets, jewelry, clothing on facebook with there contact number. You too can start selling your product direct from your facebook wall without any extra efforts and money.

13 Online PR

Online pr is buzzing business opportunity today. We all know that social media is very important factor for every business and brand.

Every brand is trying to build big fans on social media to keep their brand in talk of world. It gives regular updates to there followers about latest products, offers, news and every thing about the company.

Most of the famous brands have millions of fan followers on social site but keep those profile updated every day is not so easy and this is the hidden business opportunity for you.

Every one (company or brand) want to concentrate on there products, offers, brand and business but for marketing they cant ignore social media so they hire social pr agencies to keep updated their customers and fans on social media.

If your social savvy person then you can work as Online Social PR for brands and companies. All you have to do is keep the brands profile updated daily, answer the fans questions, keep brands image up, keep the fans updated about all latest news, offers, product and for that you can charge money as per work.


I hope these 13 simple and very easy ways to earn money online will work hard for you and definitely you will find your easy and crazy way to money.


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